Re-gassing of A/C and fixing anything to do with it here at Euro Prestige

Replacing, modifying and any other exhaust repairs you need!

Need a new battery? or have a problem with your current one, no problem, we'll fix it!

The replacement of brake pads, brake sensors and rotors as well as handbreak adjustments

We do a range of work ranging from rebuilding engines or specific and pin point adjustments

Our Programming Specialist is able to tune any ECU to your liking

We have low to premium oils, so expect the best oil that suits your car.

It's a simple fact - a cool car and a cool driver make for better driving. That why here at Euro Prestige, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive auto cooling service that covers all radiators.

Euro Prestige prides ourselves as ‘The Best’ when it comes to Range Rover, Land Rover, Lamborghini and Jaguar. Our dedicated team are all qualified and trained and well equipped to perform many repairs.

During our standard service we ensure that your tyres will be rotated to keep as much tread on thme as possible.

During this check we will go over everything necessary to make sure your car is as cool as possible

We will give you a tyre report at the end of your service to show you how far you have left